Bali is outstanding for its natural beauty. Its beauty is countless and eternal ranging from white-sand beaches to green-lush mountains. Coming to Bali means a wide variety of outdoor activities to experience and explore. When banana boats or diving may sound so classics and not too challenging to you, Bali trekking is a great option. Bali has two outstanding volcanos like Mount Batur and Mount Agung where your trekking journey could be one of the most beautiful times spent in this beautiful island. To make it more thrilling, take your route to the top of Mount Agung.

To make it stay fun and full of sweet memories, every hiker needs to be aware about the list of don’t during the climbing. Some of them are explained here.

Don’t bring beef-based food and drink
The majority of Balinese is Hindus. In Hindus beliefs, some animals including cow and ox are sacred. It is not just because of the religious belief but also because of a concept that these animals provide livelihoods for human and other animals. This becomes the primary reason behind the taboo of consuming beef. When joining Bali Trekking, every hiker must respect the nature and the beliefs by not having beef-based food and drink with them during the journey.

Don’t forget your coat
Technology can usually help predict the weather before, during and after your climbing. However, the information is not enough. Nobody can predict the nature 100% accurately no matter how sophisticated their tools are. So, hikers must be ready with any possibilities that may occur during the climbing. If it trains, cancellation is a wise decision in order to avoid worse climatic conditions because the roads become slippery and the temperature can reach 10o C. Even if the weather looks nice and calm, never leave your jackets, gloves and raincoat.

Don’t bring too little supply
For a Bali Trekking tour, it can take 7-12 hours of climbing up or down. So, reasonable is having sufficient supply, food and drink. Plus, you cannot just fit your amount of supplies because you will need more food and drink to stay healthy and fit. Hikers are advised to bring healthier, simple food and drink.

Don’t climb when the locals are conducting religious activities around
Some areas in the mountains are where religious places like temples sit. Periodically, Hindus conduct religious activities in the areas. As stated earlier, in trekking, hikers learn to respect the nature and, in this case, also the locals. The best solution to avoid coming to Bali and end up not climbing due to such activities is checking the schedules of religious activities around the mountain or volcano before coming to Bali.

The four don’ts will make your trekking fun, safe, and memorable. More often than not, engaging with a Bali Trekking Tour service like is suggested because there is no better way to explore the mountain but being guided with the locals. Furthermore, they will give you clearer instructions about what you must prepare, when to climb, and other crucial things for your exploration.